At Academy of the City Charter School we will educate our students to become independent-thinkers, lifelong learners and responsible members of their communities. We are committed to an education philosophy rooted in social justice, encompassing inquiry, experiential and collaborative learning, and supported by continual professional development and a reflective practice. Through a literacy-based, integrated and standards-driven curriculum that encourages community and honors diversity, Academy of the City Charter School students will receive the broad education needed to meet the academic and social challenges of the best high schools, to be prepared for our best colleges and universities and to thrive in today’s world. 

The educational goals of Academy of the City Charter School are addressed by both the structure and substance of the school’s programs. Academy of the City Charter School embraces a literacy-based liberal arts foundation enriched with consistent and coherent exposure to music, foreign language, fine arts and physical education. Structures and processes are in place to foster the development of each student’s mind, character, and health, in each classroom and in the school as a whole, with their families, and within the community.

Open Model schools recognize the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) as essential to future sustainability. Open Model schools implement daily math and science curricula, providing a basis for developing understanding and skills necessary for solving problems and making responsible decisions in our increasingly technological world. 

Open Model schools fully embrace educational technology and have internal processes to assure the school is technologically relevant. Children, from an early age, are taught digital literacy and responsible media use. Download a copy of the Open Model.